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The Illinois State Biology program has many ways for you to get involved not only with research, but with the community as well. These organizations exist so that students can learn and grow together during their time at the university.

Biological Sciences Student Association

See our webpage for upcoming events!

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BSSA is a Registered Student Organization open to any interested BMB or Biological Sciences majors.

How to join

Send an email to faculty advisor Dr. Wolfgang Stein to get signed up!

Here are some great opportunities to get involved in presenting your research and social activities with your fellows students in the Biological Sciences School.

Phi Sigma Society

For more information and to get involved see our chapter's website.

Visit our facebook page.

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Phi Sigma Society is a national non-profit organization devoted to the promotion of scholarship and research in the Biological Sciences. Our Chapter of Phi Sigma works closely within the School of Biological Science and is a sponsor of the weekly seminar series, the fall picnic, the holiday party, and the annual research symposium. We hold an annual grant competition to provide research funds to both graduate and undergraduate students.


Graduate and undergraduate students must rank (or have ranked) in the upper 35 percent of their class in general scholarship.

Undergraduate students majoring in biology, biochemistry and molecular biology, or clinical laboratory science who have at least junior status (60 or more credit hours) with a GPA of 3.4 or above are eligible for membership. For more information see the national Phi Sigma website.

How to Join

Our Beta Lambda Chapter of Phi Sigma currently conducts two (one each during the fall and spring semesters) membership drives each year. At that time your preliminary eligibility will be determined and those students meeting the eligibility requirements will receive a letter of invitation to join. When you receive your letter simply fill out the application completely and return it and a check for your membership dues. After evaluation by the membership chairperson your membership will be processed and you will be initiated during a special ceremony later in the semester

Student Awards - Spring 2015

Cheung/Brown Publication Award

  • E. Keith Bowers (graduate student)
  • Austin Harvey (undergraduate student)

Robert Gray Ecology Scholarship

  • Morgan Walder

Biological Sciences Undergraduate Student of the Year

  • Tyler Malone

Undergraduate Researcher

  • Dana Mueller

Borst Scholarship

  • Katelyn Genenbacher

Mockford-Thompson Awards

  • M.S.: Sarah Marrochello and Erin Dorest
  • Ph.D.: Geoff Ower

Rilett Scholarship Awards

  • Molly Schumacher, Lisa Treidel, Jason Hanser
  • Kiran Tiwari, Sara Marrochello, Suranjuan Sen
  • Dilini Ralalage, Ashley Hembrough, Kristina McIntire

Robert D. Weigel Fund

  • Doug Schuweiler, Amanda Wilson Carter, Kristin Duffield, Michaela MiGinn, Geoff Ower, Karthikeyan Chandrasegaran, Marty Bobak, Michael Kryzskowski, Sarah Marrochello, Sirischa Sirobhusbanam, Erin Dorset, Kiran Tiwari, Kevin Stanley, Aderinsola Odentunde, Justin Dillard, Morgan Walder and Nicole Wilson.

Gletten Scholarship

  • Danan Mueller

Barb Bathe Award

  • Alex Sulek

Tak Cheung/Joni St. John General Education Teaching Assistant Awards

  • Ashley Hembrough, Pegan Sauls and Morgan Walder

Outstanding Biology Teaching Assistants

In memory of Robert and Marion Finn

  • MS Jay Pyle, PhD Nate Holton

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

  • Cal Hackler

Charlena Wallen Award

  • Christina Jester

Jack Ward Service Award

  • Amanda Wilson Carter