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Disease Control and Prevention Research Fund


This fund provides support for biomedical research on human diseases at Illinois State University, School of Biological Sciences. Current research areas include cancer, age-related immune-system decline in the elderly, genetic disorders, heart disease, and immunodeficiencies.

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Disease Control and Prevention Research Fund

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Disease Control and Prevention Research Fund

Jorie in the Larson Lab

Support for cancer research at Illinois State creates an environment that allows active student participation in the experimental enterprise.

Larson Lab

Cancer Research Laboratory Members, 2011. Researchers in the Larson Laboratory study Genome Stability and its effects on cancer.

Hazel at scope

Students have the opportunity to do hands-on research in faculty laboratories.

Samrat at confocal microscope

Research facilities include the latest in technology, such as this confocal microscope.

Cell lines in a bottle

Disease research at Illinois State includes experimentation on model cancer cell lines. Above is a human tissue culture flask with media that supports breast cancer cell growth.