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The fund was established in 2011 to provide scholarships for academically outstanding undergraduate students in the School of Biological Sciences, who are pursuing research projects supervised by faculty in the School of Biological Sciences. These scholarships serve as a lasting memorial to the late Dr. David W. Borst, Jr., a member of the faculty in Biological Sciences from 1985-2005, who was committed to training undergraduates in research in the Biological Sciences.


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Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

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Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund

David Borst

Dr. David W. Borst, Jr.

2017 Scholarship Recipient

Robert Baker

Research Advisor: Alysia Mortimer

Research topic: Can stress-response genes prevent age-and environment-induced Parkinson's disease in the fruit fly model system?


2016 Scholarship Recipient


Kaitie Wildman

Research advisors: Alysia  & Nathan Mortimer

Research topic: Regulation of aging and toxin exposure by stress-response genes



2015 Scholarship Recipient

Katelyn Genenbacher

Research advisor: David Rubin

Research topic: Glutathione assay of children's urine
   samples to measure oxidative stress

2014 Scholarship Recipient

Marissa Cruz

Marissa Cruz

Research advisor: Wolfgang Stein

Research topic: History-dependent neuromodulation -
   the long-term effects of dopamine on the nervous

2013 Scholarship Recipient

Kristina McIntire

Kristina McIntire

Research advisor: Steven Juliano

Research topic: Density-dependence and
  overcompensatory mortality due to predation

2012 Scholarship Recipient

Erin Mortimer

Erin Mortimer

Research advisor: David Rubin

Research topic: Expression of bone-remodeling genes
  in osteoporotic old hens

2011 Scholarship Recipient

Lori Sonneson

Lori Sonneson

Research advisor: Victoria Borowicz

Research topic: Do factors that alter aboveground
  productivity affect root symbionts?