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Travel Request Form

This link will be active when travel funds are available.

E-Mail for Faculty and Staff

Exchange email for faculty & staff

Theses and Dissertations (note this link will not work in FireFox)

These are now housed in the "S" drive under My Computer

School Forms

Instrument and Equipment Repair Tickets

This link should be used to place repair requests and notify us of equipment problems for all departmentally owned teaching and/or shared common equipment.  The generation of a request here is the starting point for initiation of the repair process. Additionally, if you have individual research lab equipment that you would like to have looked at or would like us to help facilitate the repair (when possible) of you should start a ticket here as a first step as well.

Pedagogical and Software Training

Faculty have use of the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology (CTLT) which is a facility that can help them with faculty teaching development, basic computer application training, and help with a variety of pedagogical issues. Phone: (309) 438-2542

Technology Links

Need Tech Support - CAS-IT

Need tech support? This is the place to start. The College of Arts & Sciences Instructional Technology Team (CAS-IT) will help you with your office computers, lab computers, specialty equipment and software, and much more. Click here to learn more about CAS-IT.

For general computer help
Click here to Submit a Help ticket
Note you will need to login to actually get to the page for submitting help tickets. This is now a University wide system so you will likely need to give more information about the problem to ensure it is sent to CAS-IT.