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Dr. Christopher Horvath

Interim Chair and Associate Professor
  • PHI 202.Sec 001 Sex, Values, And Human Nature
  • Philosophy of Biology Philosophy of Science Gender Studies
  • (Ph.D. Duke University) is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Biological Sciences. His research in evolutionary theory, phylogenetic systematics evolutionary psychology, and gender studies appears in numerous academic outlets including the Philosophy of Science, Biology and Philosophy, The Quarterly Review of Biology, and The Archives of Sexual Behavior. Professor Horvath has served as a visiting scholar in the Program for History and Philosophy of Science at Sydney University (Australia), and as a Fellow in History and Philosophy of Biology at Northwestern University. In addition to his appointment in Philosophy, Professor Horvath also has an adjunct appointment in the Department of Biological Sciences.
  • Ph D - 1992
  • Duke Univesity
  • Durham, North Carolina
  • David A. Strand Diversity Achievement Award
  • Illinois State University
  • 2004
  • Illinois State University Outstanding Service Award
  • Illinois State University
  • 2004
  • College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Service Award
  • Illinois State University
  • 2002