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Dr. Joe Armstrong

Professor of Botany
Director, Laboratory for Plant Identification and Conservation
Head Curator, Vasey (ISU) Herbarium
  • Prof. Armstrong is a long time faculty member who hails from the botanical tradition of Miami University. His research and teaching are broadly based organismal botany focusing on plant form and function primarily concerning Magnolialean rainforest trees and more recently the ecology of prairie plants especially hemiparasites. He is widely recognized for his teaching abililty and interest in improving laboratory instruction.
  • Organismal botany: economic botany, plant diversity, plant taxonomy, plant identification, herbarium collection curation, plant form and function, plant morphology, rain forest ecology.
  • Floral biology, floral development and evolution, pollination of Magnolialean trees especially nutmegs and custard apples, florivory. Ecology of hemiparasitic plants and their impact on grassland communities.
  • Ph D Plant anatomy, morphology, and systematics / Systematics, evolution - 1975
  • Miami University
  • Oxford, OH
  • Dissertation/Thesis topic: The comparative anatomy and morphology of Horsfieldia (Myristicaceae)
  • MS Botany - Plant anatomy / Systematics - 1972
  • Miami University
  • Oxford, OH
  • Dissertation/Thesis topic: Organization of the root apex in Compositae
  • BA Biology - 1970
  • S.U.N.Y.
  • Oswego, HT
  • Suo, T.J., J. Sussman, T. Zarifis, J. E. Armstrong, & V.A. Borowicz. 2017.  Dasistoma macrophylla: Hemiparasite growth and impact on Acer saccharum and Quercus macrocarpa.  Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 144(4):385-391.