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Dr. Nathan Mortimer

Assistant Professor of Cellular Immunology
  • BSC 450.53Sec 001 Advanced Studies In Specialized Fields: Advances In Genomics
  • BSC 354.Sec 001 Biotechnology Laboratory II:Cell Biology Techniques
  • BSC 299.Sec 007 Independent Honor Study
  • BSC 499.Sec 019 Independent Research For The Master's Thesis
  • BSC 287.Sec 002 Independent Study
  • BSC 290.Sec 047 Research In Biological Sciences
  • My teaching interests include: Cell Biology, Immunology, Comparative Immunology, Genetics
  • Research in my lab is focused on understanding cellular immune responses, and uncovering the tricks that pathogens and parasites use to overcome them. We use the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster and parasitoid wasps that infect flies as a model host-parasite system. Projects in the lab include: the molecular genetics of cellular immunity, parasite virulence mechanisms, and the genetics of autoimmunity.
  • Ph D Genetics and Molecular Biology - 2009
  • Emory University
  • Atlanta, GA
  • BS Biology - 2000
  • Emory University
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Schachtner, L.T., I.E. Sola, D. Forand, S. Antonacci, A.J. Postovit, N.T. Mortimer, D.J. Killian and E.C. Olesnicky. 2015. Drosophila Shep and C. elegans SUP-26 are RNA-binding proteins that play diverse roles in nervous system development. Development Genes and Evolution, in press.

  • Antonacci, S., D. Forand, M. Wolf, C. Tyus, J. Barney, L. Kellogg, M. Simon, G. Kerr, N.T. Mortimer, E.C. Olesnicky and D.J. Killian. 2015. Conserved RNA-Binding Proteins are Required for Dendrite Morphogenesis in Caenorhabditis elegans Sensory Neurons. G3: Genes, Genomics, Genetics 5(4): 639-53.

  • Vrailas-Mortimer, A., Ryan, S., Avey, M., Mortimer, N., Dowse, H. and Sanyal, S. The p38 MAP Kinase regulates circadian rhythm in Drosophila. Journal of Biological Rhythms. 2014 Dec;29(6):411-26.
  • Mortimer, N.T. 2013. Parasitoid wasp virulence: a window into fly immunity. Fly 7(4), 242-248.

  • Mortimer, N.T., J. Goecks, B.Z. Kacsoh, J.A. Mobley, G.J. Bowersock, J. Taylor and T.A. Schlenke. 2013. Parasitoid wasp venom SERCA regulates Drosophila calcium levels and inhibits cellular immunity. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (PNAS) 110(23): 9427-9432.

  • Goecks, J., N.T. Mortimer, J.A. Mobley, G.J. Bowersock, J. Taylor and T.A. Schlenke. 2013 Integrative approach reveals composition of endoparasitoid wasp venoms. PLOS One 8(5): e64125.

  • Kacsoh, B.Z., Z.R. Lynch, N.T. Mortimer, and T.A. Schlenke. 2013. Fruit flies medicate offspring after seeing parasites. Science 339(6122): 947-950.

  • Mortimer, N.T. and K.H. Moberg. 2013. The archipelago ubiquitin ligase subunit acts in target tissue to restrict tracheal terminal cell branching and hypoxic-induced gene expression. PLOS Genetics 9(2): e1003314.

  • Mortimer, N.T., B.Z. Kacsoh, E.S. Keebaugh and T.A. Schlenke. 2012. Mgat1-dependent N-glycosylation of membrane components primes Drosophila melanogaster blood cells for the cellular encapsulation response. PLOS Pathogens 8(7): e1002819.

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  • Yedvobnick, B., A. Kumar, P. Chaudhury, J. Opraseuth, N.T. Mortimer and K.M. Bhat. 2004. Differential effects of Drosophila mastermind on asymmetric cell fate specification and neuroblast formation. Genetics 166(3): 1281-1289.