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Dr. Paul Garris

Distinguished University Professor of Neurobiology
  • B.A. Religion. Earlham College. Richmond, IN. 1983 Ph.D. Physiology and Biophysics. Indiana University School of Medicine. Indianapolis, IN. 1990 Postdoctoral Associate. Analytical Chemistry. University of North Carolina. 1990-1995
  • BSC 495.Sec 003 Graduate Research In Biological Sciences
  • BSC 495.Sec 103 Graduate Research In Biological Sciences
  • BSC 499.Sec 003 Independent Research For The Master's Thesis
  • BSC 343.Sec 001 Introduction To Neurobiology
  • BSC 290.Sec 013 Research In Biological Sciences
  • BSC 599.Sec 003 Research In The Biological Sciences
  • BSC 304.Sec 002 Senior Seminar In Biology
  • Neuroscience; Animal Physiology; General Biology
  • Drugs of abuse; Parkinson's disease; attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; microsensor instrumentation development
  • Post-Doc Analytical Chemistry - 1995
  • University of North Carolina
  • Ph D Physiology and Biophysics - 1990
  • Indiana University School of Medicine
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • BA Religion - 1983
  • Earlham College
  • Richmond, IN
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