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Speaker's Bureau Titles

Vickie Borowicz

"Parasitic plants and prairie communities"

Diane Byers

"Prairies in the agricultural landscape"

Rebekka Darner

"Adventures in preparing pre-service science teachers for exceptional science teaching"

Kevin Edwards

"Illuminating protein function in Drosophila"

Paul Garris

"Drugs of Abuse"

"Compensatory adaptations of dopamine neurons following dopamine denervation"

Craig Gatto

"How does the Na-pump pump Na?"

"Strange finding you here: an intracellular role for Na,K-ATPase"

Steven A. Juliano

"Competition and coexistence of invasive mosquitoes: insights from ecological theory"

"More than climate: Ecological change and its effects on vector-borne disease"

"How low? A mosquito perspective on resource competition and its role in communities"

"Everybody knows she’s a femme fatale: What are the ecological conditions that produce good disease vectors?"

"Your worst enemy could be your best friend: the role of predators in biological invasions"

Erik Larson

"Mechanisms of genome instability"

Robert Preston

"The incredible Killifish: Stress resistance in the estuarine fish, Fundulus heteroclitus"

"The 'unnatural' and the unexpected: D-amino acids in marine animals"

Ben Sadd

"Tough to be a pollinator: increasing problems in the modern world"

"Mother knows best: trans-generational immunity in insects"

John Sedbrook

"Engineering plant biomass for improved liquid biofuels generation"

Wolfgang Stein

"The beauty of plasticity: what small networks tell us about the brain"

"The good, the bad and the ugly: neurons that misbehave"

Laura Vogel

"The effects of aging on B cell responses and immunity"

"Humoral immunity in reptiles"