Dr. Thomas Hammond    


BSC 204: Biological Investigations

Science Laboratory Building 121 F 2:00-2:50
Course overview and goals
Students learn how biologists think about science and formulate hypotheses, design experiments, collect and interpret data, and share results.


BSC 219: Genetics

Moulton Hall 208 TR 9:35-10:50
Course overview and goals
Students develop an understanding of the basic facts and principles within the major subdisciplines of genetics.

BSC 290: Research in Biological Sciences

Science Laboratory Building 251 3hrs per week per credit hour
Course overview and goals
Undergraduate students perform molecular genetics research on meiotic drive and meiotic silencing by unpaired DNA (MSUD).


BSC 355: Genomics and Bioinformatics

Science Laboratory Building 121 MWF 11:00-11:50
Course overview and goals
Genome biology is a field of study that is rapidly expanding, with a staggering wealth of genetic information already present in publically available databases. Accessing this information is at the heart of bioinformatics. Considering that new sequencing technologies will greatly reduce the cost and speed of genome sequencing, it is very likely that the demand for genome biologists will increase, particularly with the emergence of personalized medicine. This course is aimed at teaching the fundamental principles and approaches for accessing genome-scale information.  In this course, students will be taught the essentials of genomic level research, including how to write and use simple computer programs to help analyze large data sets and how to use web-based bioinformatic utilities to answer important biological questions.


BSC 419: Advanced Molecular Biology

Julian Hall 226 TR 9:00-10:50
Course overview and goals
Graduate level analysis of fundamental and current topics in molecular biology.


BSC 420.02: Seminar in Genetics

Science Laboratory Building 330 1-1:50 on Friday
Course overview and goals
Students read and discuss current primary research articles in genetics and genoimcs.


BSC 420.A37: Graduate seminar in cellular and molecular biology

Science Laboratory Building 121 12-12:50 Wednesday
Course overview and goals
Students learn how to give formal research presentations.