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Megan Larson, Biological Sciences Advisor

Megan Larson, advisor

Megan Larson
Julian Hall 210F
Appointments by phone throught the Biological Sciences office (438-3669) or email Megan Larson

Major in Biological Sciences and Major in Molecular & Cellular Biology


Declaring the Major

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Undergraduate Major in Molecular & Cellular Biology

To learn more about the major in Molecular & Cellular Biology check out the CURRENT STUDENTS tab on the majors page


Undergraduate Major in Biological Sciences

This sequence in Biological Sciences is for students interested in many fields of science including Zoology, Animal Behavior, Botany, Ecology, Conservation Biology, Evolution, Physiology, Genetics, Microbiology, Developmental Biology, Cell Biology, Biotechnology, Parasitology, Neurobiology, and Immunology. 

For students interested in teacher education, organismal biology and public outreach, pre-professional studies or biochemistry and molecular biology, please see specific advising information on the left.

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