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Avian Ecology Laboratory

                                                             Charles Thompson                                             Scott Sakaluk


Kara Hodges, Dylan Poorboy, Beth Weber, Rachael DiSciullo

            Ph.D. Students

Rachael A. DiSciullo


B.S., 2013, Drexel University
M.S., 2016, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Ph.D. Dissertation Research


Components of mate choice and their effects on parental investment

   M.S. Students

Beth Weber


B.S., 2015, Buena Vista University, Storm Lake, Iowa

M.S. Thesis Research

Pre- and post-natal effects of experimentally increased maternal corticosterone on growth and development of house wren nestlings

Weber, B.M., E.K. Bowers, K.A. Terrell, J.F. Falcone, C.F. Thompson, and S.K. Sakaluk. 2018. Pre- and postnatal effects of experimentally manipulated maternal corticosterone on growth, stress reactivity and survival of nestling house wrens. Functional Ecology 32: in press.

Dylan Poorboy

B.S., 2015, Point Loma Nazarene University,

San Diego, California


M.S. Thesis Research


Effects of territory quality on pre- and post-natal parental investment

Poorboy, D.M., E.K. Bowers, S.K. Sakaluk, and C.F. Thompson. 2018. Experimental cross-fostering of eggs reveals effects of territory quality on reproductive allocation. Behavioral Ecology 29: in press.

Kara Hodges


B.S., 2014, Central Michigan University

M.S. Thesis Research


Is egg-shell pigmentation a signal of female quality in the house wren?