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Graduate Students

Current (Doctoral)

None at this time.

Current (Master's)

Emily Bennett, testing the riverine barrier hypothesis to explain diversity in Amazonian understory terra firme forest birds

Rachael Van Essen, determining the geographic origins of bats at a central Illinois wind farm using stable isotopes, GIS, and GARP.


Completed (Doctoral)

James Armacost, Jr., " Ecology and conservation of Amazonian river island birds".


Completed (Master's)


Anne Bartuszevige, "Organochlorine contamination and gonadal abnormalities in Illinois grassland birds: a test of the endocrine disruptor hypothesis".

Robb Brumfield, "Avian biodiversity in northwestern South America: elucidating
the origin of the Choco avifauna".

Zac Cheviron, "Phylogeography and genetic population structure of the Neotropical Blue-crowned Manakin (Aves: Pipridae: Pipra coronata): a test of competing historical hypotheses of the origin of avian species diversity in the Amazon Basin".

Julie El-Zanati, "Habitat selection in grassland breeding birds: predicting
species presence and population density".

Ben Marks, "Historical relationships among Neotropical lowland forest areas of
endemism as determined by mtDNA sequence variation within the wedge-billed woodcreeper (Aves: Dendrocolaptidae: Glyphorynchus spirurus)".

Mathys Meyer, “A morphological phylogeny of the African Anuran subfamily
Ptychadeninae (Dubois 1992) (Anura: Ranidae)”

Eric Rakotoarisoa, “Effects of forest fragmentation on the avian communities in the eastern
rainforest of Madagascar”.

Katherine Rollins, "Bat fatality at wind turbines: testing the barotrauma vs. collision hypotheses"

Jeffrey Skibins, "Multivariate analyses of the validity of the taxon Myotis sodalis (the Indiana cave bat)"; winner of 1994 Fisher outstanding thesis competition at Illinois State University.

Xavier Viteri, "Gap analysis of the tropandean high biodiversity area Quijos-
Sumaco (Ecuador)"; department nominee for 1997 Fisher outstanding thesis competition.