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Project Director: Dr. David F. Weber

Illinois State University

Department of Biological Sciences

Phone: (309) 438-2685

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BA (Agricultural Sciences) 1961, Purdue University, W. Lafayette, IN

MS (Botany), 1963, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

Ph.D. (Botany), 1967, Indiana University; Bloomington, IN

Professional Positions:

Professor of Genetics, Illinois State University, 1978-present.

Associate Professor of Genetics, Illinois State University, 1973-1978.

Assistant Professor of Genetics, Illinois State University, February 1967-1973.

Research Interests:

We are interested in 4 main areas of maize research including:
    1) cytogenetics—especially at the interface with molecular biology
    2) RFLP mapping
    3) the genetic control of corn oil quality and quantity and
    4) the genetic control of recombination.

Our cytogenetic studies have utilized maize plants with abnormal numbers or structures of chromosomes for many different purposes. A series of monosomic plants (which have lost one of the chromosome) has been recovered. This series has been utilized for many different studies including classical genetic and RFLP mapping. In addition, we have utilized B-A translocations (an A chromosome translocated onto a supernumerary B chromosome), telocentrics (a broken chromosome with a terminal centromere), ring chromosomes, and tetraploids in mapping studies.

Our lab played a role in developing the first RFLP map for maize in which monosomics were used to map markers to chromosomes. Other aneuploids are being utilized to localize centromeric regions on the maize RFLP map.

RFLP mapping is also being used to study the genetic control of quantity and quality of corn oil, andand genetic recombiation.

Currently, two major projects are underway to study the effects of B chromosomes and abnormal chromosome 10 on recombination throughout the genome utilizing RFLP analysis. Another aspect of this work is the assessment of the levels of recombination in differing germplasm.

We invite undergraduate and graduate (MS and Ph.D. candidates) to participate in research projects.

Our Lab Team:

Top Row (from left to right): Eric Cox, Steve Sowinski, Dr. D.F. Weber, Ross Nunes

Bottom Row (from left to right): Peggy Gizzarelli, Jackie Falzone, Evan Brown,

Dr. Martha Schneerman, Jennifer Schneerman, Anu Khanna

Not Pictured: Travis Cacciatori


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