The following files are supplementary material to

Byers and Waller 1999. Do plant populations purge their genetic load? Effects of population size and mating history on inbreeding depression. Annual Review of Ecology and Systematics 30:479-513.

Please send me the citation of any studies missed in our review and I will add them to the online studies file.

1. Reviewed Studies - This file contains all of the studies included in the review. For each study we have included characteristics of the species, their methods, their results and conclusions. This file is in both quattro and excel format. 

2. Meta-Analyses. This file contains the data used in the meta-analyses.

3. Magnitude of Inbreeding Depression. This word file contains the values and the sources of the data used for figure 1 in the review. In addition a spreadsheet file contains more information (other traits and maternal effects) on the magnitude of inbreeding depression.

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