The Tallest, Biggest and Oldest Trees

This web page presents a pictorial field trip from the Pacific coast of California to the Great Basin in search of the biggest, tallest, oldest trees.  Each image is presented with a script telling about the picture being shown.  A map showing the topography, an W-E transect across California to the Great Basin, and annual rainfall, and an explanation of rain shadows and their significance, can be found in the "How to use these slides in teaching" page. 

Alternatively, you can view just the trees, the other plants, pictures of cones and foliage, or the general scenery of this field trip, by just selecting one of the menu pages below.

The slides found within these pages are the property of Dr. David W. Lee, (copyright 1979) Florida International University.  To use the images shown you must contact him for permission (clicking on his name will open an email connection).  This educational slide show is presented compliments of David Lee, and Illinois State University's Fell Aboretum and the Department of Biological Sciences.