Pictures from Previous Rainforest Ecology Field Trips

Pictures from previous field trips are also on display at Dr. Juliano's homepage.   Research and field trip images displayed on this and my other pages are the property of Joseph E. Armstrong. They may be used for noncommercial, educational purposes with my permission. Our current and former students are welcome to download images.   Click here to send an e-mail message to Prof. Armstrong.

NOTE: Links to most of these images aren't established yet.  

class96.jpg (33786 bytes)

Class of 1996

class97.jpg (123114 bytes)

Class of 1997

buttr1.jpg (86843 bytes)

Terry & Sarah in front of a large buttressed tree trunk.

class99.jpg (47634 bytes)

Class of 1999

funny.jpg (37627 bytes)

Even 40 mm of rain in 2 days can be funny.

gaplect1.jpg (59040 bytes)

Of course we have "gaps" in our lecture schedule.

joannmilli.jpg (18658 bytes)

A great research organism!

mleeproj.jpg (54788 bytes)

Sorting epiphytes to gather data or staying close to the fridge.

nickinrain.jpg (38566 bytes)

Stepping outside for a smoke?

tiredtroops.jpg (29762 bytes)

Tired troops awaiting flight.

waterfall+.jpg (29471 bytes)

Getting a close look at a waterfall.

crtrail.jpg (43497 bytes)

ISU students on a rain forest trail.

foliage.jpg (29984 bytes)

Anna & Jing working in the dense rain forest foliage.

bridge2.jpg (97492 bytes)

Suspension bridge over the Rio Viejo.


trail.jpg (70641 bytes)

Typical improved trail, a rain forest rapid transit system.


cabina.jpg (65456 bytes)

One of the cabinas used for class lodgings.


rioviejo_small.jpg (1723 bytes)

Upstream view of Rio Viejo from bridge.


sunset.jpg (18598 bytes)

Sunset over the rain forest.

katychrs.jpg (44826 bytes)

Katy & Chris working in the rainforest understory.

class00.jpg (132796 bytes)

Class of 2000



tonyvans.jpg (130986 bytes)

Tony's Taxi Service


frgswamp.jpg (141819 bytes)

Chris & Heather on boardwalk in Frog Chorus Swamp.

class01.jpg (1089581 bytes)

Class of 2001

andreabeetle1.jpg (1077131 bytes)

Andrea, a beetle fan

kellyjuliano.jpg (1006216 bytes)

Dr. Juliano checking Kelly for clean hands?

sarafrt.jpg (1139478 bytes)

Sara displaying fruit