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House Wren Bibliography (pdf)


March 2015 edition of a House Wren Bibliography by Charles F. Thompson (School of Biological Sciences, Illinois State University) and L. Scott Johnson (Department of Biology, Towson University).

This document is available for download in the box to the right, in PDF format.

House Wren Cookie
Created by Kara Hodges 2018

House wren clutch with supernumerary eggs
(normal clutch size is 5-8 eggs)

Fledgling in a perching pickle

Female house wren on the Mackinaw Study Area 2016

(Photograph by Dylan Poorboy)

Color-banded male (on lid) bringing caterpillar to brooding female

Nest with Eggs
House wren nest with eggs

House wren nestlings on hatching day

Newly banded house wren nestling about 11 days old

Mackinaw River bisecting the Mackinaw Study Area