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Avian Ecology Laboratory

                                                             Charles Thompson                                             Scott Sakaluk

Paige Farchmin, Rachael DiSciullo, Madi Rittenger


            Ph.D. Students

Rachael A. DiSciullo


B.S., 2013, Drexel University
M.S., 2016, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Ph.D. Dissertation Research


Role of male song in sexual selection


DiSciullo, R.A, C.F. Thompson, and S.K. Sakaluk. 2019. Perceived threat to paternity reduces likelihood of paternal provisioning in house wrens. Behavioral Ecology 30: in press.

   M.S. Students

Madi Rittinger


B.S., Biopsychology, 2017,
Ohio Dominican University

M.S. Thesis Research

Sex-specific effects of hatching order and hatching synchrony on nestling corticosterone levels


Current Undergraduate Students

Page Farchmin


Illinois State University

Provisioning behavior of male and female recruits of corticosterone-exposed mothers