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The Mackinaw and East Bay study areas (ca. 175 m above mean sea level) are forested tracts approximately 20 km north of Illinois State University. There are 700 nestboxes of the type depicted on the link below on the Mackinaw study area and 120 nestboxes on the nearby East Bay site (see maps below). House wrens (Troglodytes aedon) are dependent on natually occuring cavities for nest sites. Our nestboxes provide high-quality, roomy nest sites, which the wrens prefer over natural cavities, so 90-95% of the nests built on the study area are built in the boxes.  Each year a total of 500-700 nests are available for study.

Nestboxes (Click here for details on nestboxes)

Photo by Greg Simpson, 2018

Aerial Photograph of the Mackinaw Study Area


Mackinaw Study Area


Maps of Mackinaw and East Bay Study Areas

Mackinaw Study Area, 1982-2003

East Bay Study Area, 2004-2007






East Bay Study Area, 1981-2003


East Bay Study Area, 1981-2003