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CAS announces Outstanding College Researchers article thumbnailCAS announces Outstanding College Researchers. The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) has announced the 2016-2017 Outstanding College Researchers: Christopher Breu, Department of English; John Sedbrook, School of Biological Sciences; and Maura Toro-Morn, Department of Sociology and Anthropology.  [Read the rest]
Bowden, Taylor named Distinguished Professors article thumbnailBowden, Taylor named Distinguished Professors. Professor of Biology Rachel Bowden and Professor of Marketing Steven Taylor have been named Distinguished Professors by the Office of the Provost. [Read the rest]
Scholarships key in recruiting stellar students article thumbnailScholarships key in recruiting stellar students. The mailbox at Rachel Angles’ home was pretty full.  [Read the rest]

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School of Biological Sciences Seminar

March 2 (Thursday) at 4:00p.m. in MLT 210 join us for Dr. Martha Vaughan of the USDA for here presentation on "Impact of Climate Change and Crop Natural Defenses". More information will be coming soon...

Integrative Biology Seminar

Greg TitoJoin us February 21 (Tuesday) at noon in SLB121 for - Greg Tito's presention "Exploring the biogeography of South American rainforest understory birds through morphological variation in the wedge-billed woodcreeper (Glyphorynchus spirurus )"

Neuroscience and Physiology Seminar Series

Join us March 3 (Friday) at noon in JH 216 for Chris Goldsmith's presention "Multimodal encoding is achieved in a premotor region via neuronal populations with distinct response dynamics"

Molecular and Cellular Biology Seminar Series

February 22, (Wednesday) at noon in SLB121 join us to hear - Dilini Ralalage present his research - "MSUD, why won’t you reveal your secrets to me ? "

Photos Highlights from our annual Alumni Newsletter

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Moe Khalil Rachel Mandes
Marc Ashford Lucas Barickman
Mitchell Czerwinski Cal Hackler
Student researchers - Moe Khalil, Rachel Mandes, Marc Ashford, Lucas Barickman, and Mitchell Czerwinski. Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Award winner - Cal Hackler

Botany 2016 Presenters

Morgan Walder (Takeover on the tallgrass prairie: How Lespedeza cuneata establishes dominance) and Robby Philips (Competitive ability of Chamaecrista fasciculata from sand vs. tallgrass prairies) presented part of their thesis work at the Botany 2016 meetings in Savannah, Georgia.

robby and morgan

Hiking in NC on the way to GA

Seminar Schedules

Welcome From The Chair

Whether you are interested in plants, animals, or microbes, our interdisciplinary and collaborative research groups in the School of Biological Sciences have something for you! From investigations involving interactions at subcellular molecular levels, to function and communication within/between organ systems and organisms, to evolutionary and ecological dynamics of populations, communities and ecosystems, see how ISU can set you on the right career path!