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Vogel to lead a ‘fantastic voyage’ for College of Arts and Sciences Lecture, March 6. Professor of Immunology Laura Vogel will deliver the spring Distinguished Lecture for the College of Arts and Sciences on the unsung heroes of the immune system.  [Read the rest]
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Research Initiative Award recipients announced. Several faculty members will be honored with Research Initiative Awards at the Founders Day celebration on February 15. [Read the rest]
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An opportunity to travel abroad!. Go abroad with the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders! Open to all alumni, faculty and staff. [Read the rest]

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The School of Biological Sciences Seminar Series

This seminar series will not start until March 1st due to interviews for faculty positions. Join us on March 1st (Thursday) to hear Dr. Brian Mautz from Uppsala University, present his research - "Novel insights on ageing and reproductive trade-offs using genetic, environmental, and dietary manipulations" Seminars are held 4:00-5:00 p.m. in Moulton 214.

Integrative Biology Seminar

KDuffieldKristin Duffield will present her research - "Immune experience interacts with host genotype in eliciting terminal investment" on Tuesday February 20th. Seminars are held in SLB 121 at noon until 1:00p.m.

Neuroscience and Physiology Seminar Series

Swathi Avula will lead a journal club discussion on March 2. This series of discussions and presentations meets Fridays at noon in Julian Hall 216.

Molecular and Cellular Biology Seminar Series

Michaela McGinn Lottes will give a present on her research on February 21 (Wednesday) at noon in SLB 121.

Free seminar speakers in Biological Sciences

Opportunities for students interested in graduate school in biology

The School of Biological Sciences, Illinois State University, will pay the way of our faculty to travel to nearby institution to give research seminars.  Through these seminars we will make your students aware of opportunities for MS and PhD degrees in our graduate program.  For details, follow this link. 

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3-Minute Thesis Competition will be at 6p.m. on February 22 at the Normal Theater. Come and support Kristin Duffield and hear her presentation (When Resistance is Futile: Exploring Terminal Investment in Crickets). Link for more information.


Seminar Schedules

Welcome From The Chair

Whether you are interested in plants, animals, or microbes, our interdisciplinary and collaborative research groups in the School of Biological Sciences have something for you! From investigations involving interactions at subcellular molecular levels, to function and communication within/between organ systems and organisms, to evolutionary and ecological dynamics of populations, communities and ecosystems, see how ISU can set you on the right career path!