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Bowden, Taylor named Distinguished Professors article thumbnailBowden, Taylor named Distinguished Professors. Professor of Biology Rachel Bowden and Professor of Marketing Steven Taylor have been named Distinguished Professors by the Office of the Provost. [Read the rest]
Scholarships key in recruiting stellar students article thumbnailScholarships key in recruiting stellar students. The mailbox at Rachel Angles’ home was pretty full.  [Read the rest]
Faculty seek crowdfunding for parasitic plant research article thumbnailFaculty seek crowdfunding for parasitic plant research. Assistant Professor Vickie Borowicz from Illinois State University's School of Biological Sciences has launched a crowdfunding campaign for her research on the role of parasitic plants in prairie communities and restoration. [Read the rest]

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Congratulations - December Graduates

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Some of The Best Sweaters

Neuroscience and Physiology Seminar Series

Friday December 9 at noon in Julian Hall 216, Brenna Knott will give a presentation on a paper.

Photos Highlights from our annual Alumni Newsletter

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Moe Khalil Rachel Mandes
Marc Ashford Lucas Barickman
Mitchell Czerwinski Cal Hackler
Student researchers - Moe Khalil, Rachel Mandes, Marc Ashford, Lucas Barickman, and Mitchell Czerwinski. Undergraduate Teaching Assistant Award winner - Cal Hackler

Erin Dorset, M.S. '15 Accepts Position as Wetland Biologist. Congratulations Erin!

Erin's new job as a wetland biologist is with the State Department of Natural Resources in Delaware. Her thesis research was recently accepted for publication (Dorset, E.E., S.K. Sakaluk, and C.F. Thompson. Behavioral plasticity in responses to perceived predation risk in breeding house wrens. Evolutionary Biology 44: in press).

Erin Dorset

She is also a co-author on another recently accepted paper: Will, D.S., E.E. Dorset, C.F. Thompson, S.K. Sakaluk, and E.K. Bowers. 2016. Size of nest-cavity entrance influences male attractiveness and paternal provisioning in house wrens. Journal of Zoology 300: in press.

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Welcome From The Chair

Whether you are interested in plants, animals, or microbes, our interdisciplinary and collaborative research groups in the School of Biological Sciences have something for you! From investigations involving interactions at subcellular molecular levels, to function and communication within/between organ systems and organisms, to evolutionary and ecological dynamics of populations, communities and ecosystems, see how ISU can set you on the right career path!