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Department of Biology
photo credits: Diane Byers

Molecular and Cellular Biology

Here are some examples of the equipment available for use by our faculty and their students for techniques in molecular and cellular biology

  • Phosphorimager: Quantifiable digital imaging of radioactive samples
  • ABI DNA sequencer
  • AB 7300 Real-time PCR
  • DNA microarray scanner
  • Steris Amsco Autoclave, Dishwasher and Drier
  • PTI QuantaMaster Fluorometer
  • Techne Hybridization Oven/Incubator HB-1D
  • Typhoon FLA7000IP Modular biomolecular imager
  • GenePix Professional 4200A microarray scanner
  • Thermo French Press
  • Ultracentrifuges and centrifuges including:
    • Beckman Avanti J-25I and J-26S centrifuges
    • Beckman XL-90 ultracentrifuge
    • Beckman TL-100 tabletop ultracentrifuge
  • BD FACSCalibur flow cytometer
    • cell sorting
  • HPLC
  • Tissue culture hoods
  • CO2 incubators
  • Beckman LS 6500 Scintillation counter
  • Biotek Elx800Uv microplate readers
  • Eppendorf Mastercycler Thermocycler
  • Thermo NanoDrop 2000C Spectrophotometer
  • Thermo Fluoroskan Ascent FL
  • UVP Epi Chem Darkroom with MegaCam 810 CCD camera
  • UVP white/UV transilluminator with CCD camera
  • UVP EC3 Imaging System
  • Research / Instruction Cold Room
  • VersaMax microplate reader
  • Taylor-Wharton K series Cyrostorage System
  • ABI 3130 Genetic Analyzer