Dr. Thomas Hammond    

Lab Pictures

JAnuary 26, 2014

Hammond Lab Members, March 2015, outside SLB.


Hammond Lab Members on January 26, 2015. Inside SLB at Illinois State. Missing Pennapa Manitchotpisit, Tyler Malone and Austin Harvey

August 21, 2014


Hammond Lab Members on August 21, 2014. Outside of SLB at Illinois State. Missing Austin Harvey,

Stephaine Spingler, Tejas Pate, and Nick Rhoades.




Check some of our recent confocal images taken here at ISU with help from Dr. Kevin Edwards.



Some of our New equipment

Our oven (For drying).

Our desiccation cabinet with our silica stock collection (Small but growing!).

Our small incubator (We use this for bacteria).

Our electrophoresis area.
(we recently added a Biorad Universal power supply and
a XCell SureLock® Mini-Cell and XCell II™ Blot Module, not shown.)

Some of our random things (a mini-centrifuge, eppendorf centrifuge, andvortexer).

Another eppendorf centrifuge (we moved the one depicted above to another bench).
One of our several microscopes.

Microscope imaging system (for quick pictures)

A couple PCR machines.

A medium incubator (For our Neurospora cultures).

Another microscope.

Our large centrifuge with swinging bucket rotor
(Our 4x250ml rotor with 50 ml and 15 ml adapters is not shown).

Our pH meter.

Our shaker.
Some of our chemicals and reagents.


Our Neurospora culture shelves.
Our beer cooler (no beer allowed).


A 250ml rotor for our centrifuge.

A microwave (no human food allowed).

Our boring heat block.

Our fancy heat block (slighlty out of focus).

Our heating and cooling incubator (with lighting) for our Fusarium cultures.