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Tree frog embryos
Marbled crayfish
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72 hour old chicken embryo
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School of Biological Sciences Seminar

Welcome to ISU and Welcome back get together via Zoom at 4:00pm Jan 14th.

New people (grad students to faculty) will be introduce.

Seminar Schedules for Spring 2021

Welcome From The Director

Dr. Rachel Bowden

Portrait of Dr. Rachel Bowden

Whether you are interested in plants, animals, or microbes, our interdisciplinary and collaborative research groups in the School of Biological Sciences have something for you! From investigations involving interactions at subcellular molecular levels, to function and communication within/between organ systems and organisms, to evolutionary and ecological dynamics of populations, communities and ecosystems, see how ISU can set you on the right career path!

Read about our programs, student and faculty accomplishments, research news, and more in our newest annual newsletter...

Biological Microscopy

Click here for information on our newly updated ISU Advanced Bioimaging Facility

Explore the Campus: New Fell Arboretum Map

ISU's Fell Arboretum is not just a beautiful place to visit, but also a major resource as a living tree and plant "library" for academics, enthusiasts, and the public. Download the PDF map of major tree and plant sites.

Guided Tree and Plant Walks are also available for groups spanning from school children to professional organizations. 
Don't miss the Fell Arboretum Plant Sale on the first Saturday of each May.

Seminar speakers in Biological Sciences

The School of Biological Sciences funds our faculty to travel to all Illinois colleges to give research seminars. Online seminars are available as well. These seminars also serve to inform your undergraduate and MS students about opportunities in our MS and PhD programs. For details, follow this link.


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Showcase of Our Student, PostDoc and Faculty Presentations

Neuroscience and Physiology Seminar Series

Jan 22th (Friday) at noon via Zoom, join us to hear Carola Staedele  presenting her research.

Integrative Biology Seminar

Join us in Jan 2021 when this seminar series will continue.

Cellular and Molecular Biology Seminar Series

Join us in Jan 2021 when this seminar series will continue

SBS Graduate students and faculty

2019 Group Photo