This endowment was established by colleagues in honor of Dr. R. Omar Rilett, former Head of the Department of Biological Sciences. Funds are awarded to graduate or exceptional undergraduate students enrolled in biology programs for the purpose of supporting their travel expenses, publication costs, or equipment needs. Assets of this endowment are invested in the Illinois State University Endowment Investment Pool.

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Omar Rilett Awards

Omar Rilett Awards

2017 Recipients

Michael Almassey, Gloria Alvarado, Marc Ashford, Chance Bainbridge, Marissa Cruz, Margaret Demaegd, Rachael DiScuillo, Kristin Duffield, Joshua Hill, Pooja Kadaba Ranganath, Christy Moore, Nick Rhoades, Anjelica Rodriguez, Ashley Waring

2016 Recipients

Gloria Alvarado, Alexandra Berroyer, Marissa Cruz, Margaret DeMaegd, Christopher Goldsmith, Andrew McDevitt, Janet Stromberg, Morgan Walder, Jamie Young

2015 Recipients

Molly Schumacher, Dilini Ralalage, Lisa Treidel, Jason Hanser, Kiran Tiwari, Sara Marrochello, Suranjana Sen, Ashley Hembrough, Kristina McIntire

2014 Recipients

Molly Schumacher, Christine Hodges, Meghan Strange, Pegan Sauls, Jonathan Williams, Dilini Ralalage, Katie Westby, E. Keith Bowers, Jay Pyle, Christopher Goldsmith, Carola Staedele, Chris Loebach

2013 Recipients

Samantha Atkinson, E. Keith Bowers, Nate Holton, Pegan Sauls, Molly Schumacher, Suranjana Sen, Sirish Sirobhushanam, Kiran Tiwari

2012 Recipients

Jennifer Breaux, Bethany Evans, Nate Holton, Samrat Moitra, Ebony Murrell, Amanda Smith, Nicholas Tardi, Jonny Williams