Disease Control and Prevention Research Fund


This fund supports basic and applied research targeted to understanding and curing disease. Funds are used to support undergraduate and graduate research efforts in the Illinois State University School of Biological Sciences. Current research areas include cancer, aging, heart disease, addiction, muscular dystrophy, birth defects, immunology, and infectious disease.

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Disease Control and Prevention Research Fund .

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Disease Control and Prevention Research Fund .


Students performing research at ISU

Students have the opportunity to do hands-on research in faculty laboratories.


Student uses a confocal microscope

Research facilities include the latest in technology, such as our Advanced Microscopy Facility.


Picture of Martin Engelke

Faculty member Martin Engelke studies the cilium, a subcellular structure used for patterning the embryo, sensing fluid movement, and other critical tasks. Ciliary dysfunction can lead to birth defects, kidney disease, brain malformations, and other serious conditions.