Speakers Bureau Titles

Free seminar speakers in Biological Sciences & Opportunities for students interested in graduate school in biology

Faculty members of the School of Biological Sciences, Illinois State University, are pleased to offer research seminars to any Illinois undergraduate institution. The seminars will also serve to inform students about opportunities to pursue MS and PhD degrees in our Graduate Program link to our graduate program. Faculty will discuss the Program with any interested students after the talk. The School will cover any transportation and lodging costs, or our speakers can set up a teleconference seminar. A list of speakers and the topics on which they can speak is below. pdf of Speakers Bureau titles

If you are interested, please contact Barbara Cox email Barbara Cox in the School office or contact the desired speaker directly link for faculty contacts. If you have general questions about our graduate programs you can check out the program page (link above) or email Ben Sadd, Assistant Director for Graduate studies email Dr. Ben Sadd.

Roger Anderson: Extreme climate events affect the density of the invasive garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata) and disrupt years of alternating abundance of first and second year plants.

White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) and fire effects on the density and flowering diversity of tallgrass prairie forbs.

Vickie Borowicz: Parasitic plants and prairie communities.

Diane Byers: Prairies in the agricultural landscape.

Jan Dahl: Response and Defense strategies of bacterial pathogens to physiological antimicrobials

Rebekka Darner: Science denial and motivated reasoning: How can science educators foster a desire to be accurate?

Kevin Edwards: 1) Using Drosophila to understand the Muscular Dystrophy protein Dystrophin. 2) Full-spectrum analysis of cells and tissues with ISU's Confocal Microscopy Core Facility.

Paul Garris: Drugs of Abuse.

Compensatory adaptations of dopamine neurons following dopamine denervation.

Craig Gatto: How does the Na-pump pump Na?

Strange finding you here: an intracellular role for Na,K-ATPase.

Steven Juliano: Density dependent effects on mosquitoes and the potential for unintended consequences of mosquito control.

She’s a femme fatale: What are the ecological conditions that produce good disease vectors?

Know your enemy: the role of predators in biological invasions.

Alysia Vrailas Mortimer: Why do we age?

Understanding Muscular Dystrophy.

Ryan Paitz: How do embryos regulate their exposure to environmental chemicals?

Bill Perry The enemy of my enemy … may not be my friend: Success and failure of crayfish invasions and dispersal in Europe and the US.

Preserving water quality in streams of the Midwestern US streams: what doesn’t work and what can we do?

Ben Sadd: Tough to be a pollinator: increasing problems in the modern world.

Mother knows best: trans-generational immunity in insects.

Scott Sakaluk: Maternal Effects and Life-history Evolution in a Songbird.

Polyandry and the Evolution of Chemosensory Self-Referencing in Insects.

Food Fight: Sexual Conflict and the Evolution of Nuptial Food Gifts in Insects.

John Sedbrook: Using cutting edge genetic tools to rapidly domesticate pennycress as an oilseed-producing winter cover crop.

Wolfgang Stein: How neurons keep their cool when it is getting hot.

Tales of invasions and collision: when action potentials interrupt one another.

Andres Vidal-Gadea: How animals detect and orient to the earth’s magnetic field.

The effects of Martian physics on terrestrial organism.

Using worms to fight muscular dystrophy.

How animals switch gears: molecular basis for gait transitions.

Laura Vogel: The effects of aging on B cell responses and immunity Humoral immunity in reptiles. You can contact Barbara Cox here if you would like to arrange a seminar.