Undergraduate Thesis

The School of Biological Sciences offers a senior thesis option that is available for all students. As part of this experience, students will learn about the proper way to conduct research in a classroom setting, conduct an independent research project, and communicate their results. The thesis, a written description of your work, includes the normal parts of a research paper (introduction, methods, results, figures, discussion and literature references). If you are going on to graduate school, a Senior Thesis is strongly recommended. For students applying to professional schools or even applying for a job, completing a Senior Thesis shows hard work and dedication as it's not required for graduation, but an extra effort you put into your education.

Students would generally complete BSC 196 and 197 during their freshman year, and BSC 204 in their sophomore year prior to registering for BSC 290 or 299 (Research in Biological Sciences, at least 3 hours) in their sophomore or junior years. BSC 303 (Senior Thesis) is taken in the senior year.

Completion of the thesis option is indicated on your transcripts.

A checklist of requirements is available.

Need more information? Contact Dr. Andres Vidal-Gadea

Want to see what a Senior Thesis looks like? Copies available for viewing in the School of Biological Sciences Office in 210 Julian Hall.