Costa Rican Rain Forest Ecology Field Trip

J. E. Armstrong, R. Bowden, S. Juliano, and W. Perry, Instructors

First thing to know about rain forests (video clip).

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This class provides biology students with a first-hand opportunity to learn about the natural history and the ecology of a rainforest community and with a biologically relevant international experience. Preparation for the field trip will include presentations and readings about the biological and political histories of Mesoamerica. Readings and discussion will focus on natural history observations in neotropical rainforest communities and their ecological and evolutionary implications. Students will design both class and individual investigative projects to explore diverse aspects of rainforest ecology.

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                                        1997 Class discussion in field station classroom.

    The field trip will be conducted at the La Selva Biological Station which is situated about 2.5 hrs drive NE of San Jose at the confluence of the Sarapiqui and Puerto Viejo rivers.  The field station consists of 1,513 hectares and shares a boundary with the 49,000 hectare Braulio Carrillo National Park.  Two-thirds of the field station are old-growth forest, the remainder consists of regenerating forest and arboretum, all networked by 57 kilometers of well-marked trails.  The elevation ranges from 35 to 150 meters above sea level.  Daily temperatures can range between 19C and 31 C, but usually not so much during the field trip.  The average annual rainfall is 4 meters (13 feet) and December is the second wettest month of the year, so expect rain.  Screened dormatory housing and dining hall meals are provided. 

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