Photo Essay of Rain Forest Ecology

Research and field trip images displayed on this and other pages are the property of Joseph E. Armstrong. They may be used for noncommercial, educational purposes with my permission. To request use of an image, email me (jearmstr at

Unless otherwise noted these pictures were taken at La Selva Biological Station.

undrstry.jpg (206041 bytes)

Subcanopy understory layers.

buttres.jpg (62602 bytes)

Young tree developing buttresses.

treebutt2.jpg (74986 bytes)

Older buttresses tree with light-colored, exfoliating bark.

rainforest.jpg (69213 bytes)

Understory vegetation adjacent to a stream.

costusflr2.jpg (65714 bytes)

Costus malortianus in flower.

costusflr.jpg (48105 bytes)

Costus malortianus flower.

costusfrt2.jpg (55775 bytes)

Costus malortianus infructescence.

costusfrt.jpg (47949 bytes)

Costus malortianus infructescence.

coati_small.jpg (2142 bytes)

"Bear", a coati, Nasua narica.

fer-de-lance.jpg (51871 bytes)

Terciopelos, young fer-de-lance, Bothrops asper.

viper_small.jpg (2695 bytes)

Hog-nosed viper.

iguana_small.jpg (2815 bytes)

Iquana iquana, green tree iquana.

fpptprnt_small.jpg (3493 bytes)

Cat foot print in mud.

pafrog.jpg (5886 bytes)

Levi poison dart frog.

sloth2_small.jpg (2275 bytes)

Three-toed sloth using bridge.

stltpalm_small.jpg (4358 bytes)

Prop roots of stilt palm.

stnkhorn_small.jpg (2648 bytes)

Stinkhorn fungus.

passiflr_small.jpg (1946 bytes)

Passiflora vitifolia, red passion flower.

monkey_small.jpg (2593 bytes)

White-face capuchin monkey.

bolasant.jpg (29849 bytes)

Paraponera, the Bolas ant.


aroid.jpg (54546 bytes)

An aroid in flower.


attariders3.jpg (1164791 bytes)

Leaf-cutter ants, Atta.    Open for video clip.

caiman.jpg (68340 bytes)

Caiman basking.

ingabfly.jpg (93317 bytes)

Flowering tree & butterfly


vinesnke.jpg (95379 bytes)



assinbug2.jpg (1108180 bytes)

Colorful assassin bug

bugeyed.jpg (1158005 bytes)

False-headed stinkbug

cleentrunk.jpg (1149183 bytes)

Clean tree trunk


strangfig.jpg (1180597 bytes)

Stangler fig


velvetworm.jpg (1206782 bytes)

Velvet worm

False-headed bug, first fake-out

False-headed bug, second fake-out