Welcome to the Graduate Programs in the School of Biological Sciences at Illinois State University! We emphasize collaboration and communication at all levels, the importance of community, and an environment that reflects our values in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our faculty have active research in many different fields of biology from genetics to convservation, and neurobiology to evolution and ecology, often with collaborative overlap between fields.   As a graduate student of Biological Sciences at ISU, you will have the opportunity to get involved with cutting-edge research programs. Our seminars and graduate student organizations provide opportunities for presentations, discussions of research, grant writing, and social interactions.

For a list of program requirements, refer below. These links also contain checklists for our current graduate students.

You can complete a MS or PhD in the Biological Sciences generally, but depending on your research interests, you may want to join one of our sequences. Sequences are mentored by our faculty and come with a set of recommended courses that are organized by research topic. Our sequence coordinators will work with each student individually to find the best combination of courses.  See the lists below for recommended courses for the sequences and follow the links below for more sequence information

Lists of recommended courses for the different sequences can be found here: