Dr. Thomas Hammond    


Neurospora crassa

Welcome to The Hammond Lab


The Hammond lab researches genome defense processes and selfish genetic elements in eukaryotic organisms.  Currently, we have two specific projects.  The first is on a phenomenon called Meiotic Silencing by Unpaired DNA.  The second is on a phenomenon known as meiotic drive.  Please see our Research Page or Research Summary (below) for more information.

Both projects utilize an organism called Neurospora crassa. This important filamentous fungus was made famous in the 1940s by G. Beadle and E. Tatum, who were among the first to recognize its usefulness for genetic studies. Since then, experimentation with N. crassa by geneticists, biochemists, and other scientists from around the world have contributed to making it an excellent model organism for discovering and investigating fundamental biological processes.

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